TMMFA was approved and founded on Feb 27, 1965, following the principles of improving research of man-made fiber industry and common profits of them. Its assignments are as below:
1. On the investigations, statistics, researches and developments of man-made fiber industry.  
2. On investigating of raw material sources.
3. On the investigations, statistics, and promotions of members’ product and shipping processes.
4. On communicating and promoting technical cooperation.
5. On maintaining members’ cooperation profits.
6. On investigating members’ business situation.
7. On the exhibitions of members’ products.
8. On assorting, investigating, and registering the basic data of members and member representatives.
9. On servicing the applications and alterations of members’ certificate and qualifications.
10. On assisting to facilitate negotiation among relevant industries, or conflict between labor and capital.
11. On holding public welfare of members.
12. On providing services in assisting authorized assignments from organizations, institutions, or members.
13. On researching and promoting of labor production and being responsible for skill training of industries’ employee.
14. On assisting for government economic policies and industrial laws.
15. On participate in all kinds of social activities.
16. On following regulations and rules set by government.
Technical development
1. To facilitate the upgrade of the industry and to innovate new material and high value-added fiber products.
2. To facilitate high-speed spinning in factories and to pursue reasonable cost.
3. To cooperate with the downstream industry and to develop the fast-reaction and diversified production model.

Market outlook
1. Man-made fiber was expanding continuously in these years. Both of the quality and the quantity improved rapidly. The equipments and production capacity have been ranked to the second place in the world. Except the manufacture of the equipments, we anticipate that the proprietors will become careful in their investment in the future.
2. To develop the diversified functions of fiber and to meet the need of domestic public construct.
3. To facilitate the cooperation of the middle, downstream industries to produce a series of high-quality products and to enhance the ability of competition.
    Taiwan Man-Made Fiber Industry plays an important role in the economic development in Taiwan. The upstream is up from petrochemical, and the downstream includes many manufacturing processes industries, such as synthetic textured yarn, spinning, silk and filament weaving, knitting, weaving, dyeing and finishing and garment. It forms a complete system of entire textile industry.

    The total production capacity of various man made fiber in Taiwan has been ranked to the third place in the world, followed U.S.A. and China, especially the one of polyester fiber has achieved the second place in the world. The products including Polyester Filament Yarn,Polyester DTY Textured Yarn, Polyester Staple Fiber, Nylon Filament Yarn,Nylon DTY textured Yarn,Nylon Staple Fiber, Rayon Staple Fiber, Acrylic Staple Fiber and Spandex Fiber, Polypropylene Yarn. Recently industries strived to promote high value-added synthetic products and to develop new type fibers, covered 6 fields-functional fibers, environmental-friendly fiber, industrial fiber, staple fiber for non-woven, new synthetic fiber and complex textured yarn. These products including water transport fiber, anti-bacterial fiber, far-infrared fiber, anti-UV fiber, flame retardant fiber, anti-static fiber, the new nano bamboo charcoal fibers, microfiber, cross-section fiber, PLA fiber, polypropylene fiber, high tenacity yarn, carbonaceous fiber…etc.. The application of these fibers ranges in three fields, apparel, home textiles and industry. They also achieved a brilliant performance and were agreed with the society. Taiwan Man-Made Fiber Industry showed the efforts that improve the quality, raise the unit price, research and develop new products. Each kind of these products are with perfect quality and complete specifications, therefore, Taiwan becomes one main supply country of synthetic fiber textile commodity in the world.